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My taste buds got pampered

Shirgaonker’s Puran poli at its best 👌…. Soft, flaky and fresh. Excellent quality. Purely Maharashtrian taste😋.
My taste buds got pampered with the best Puran polis ever !

Bhushan Mestri

The mouth watering experience

I’ve been eating Shirgaonkar Puranpoli from past 10 years.Same quality, same taste, no added preservatives, no colour.
Just add a 1 spoon ghee and voilaaa😍..the mouth watering experience🤤. I’m a fan of their Puranpoli. And specially when I visit their place uncle give me a hot n fresh Puranpoli with a spoonful of homemade ghee.. where in the world you are gonna get this homemade mesmerising experience!!!❤️

Srushti Sonawane

Puranpoli at its best

Puranpoli at its best👍🏻… Soft , fluffy & fresh😍…Excellent Quality😉…A homely made fresh puranpoli with Purely Maharastrian taste😋😋…

Slesha Talekar

Fresh and tasty

Fresh and tasty 🤤 pura poli at very reasonable price💸

Vibha Patil

Best homemade Puran Poli

Best homemade puran poli in the world 😋😋😋 very delicious
Big fan of shirgaonkar puran poli🥰🥰🥰😋😋

Kiran Kerkar

होळी रे होळी.. पुरणाची पोळी

होळी रे होळी.. पुरणाची पोळी… शिरगांवकराची पुरणपोळी लय भारी 👌😋😍

Bhakti Sagvekar

Your Puran Poli is crisp…moderately sweet.

Your Puran Poli is crisp,..moderately sweet. Well priced and fresh . Whenever I invite guests for dinner, my first choice is for your Puran Poli and all my guests so far have appreciated your Puran Poli.

Suhas Pendharkar

Shirgaonkar Puranpoli

Amazing and mouthwatering puranpoli i ever had….great taste and quality…totally loved it…must try …..

Dharti Gohil

एक भन्नाट मराठमोळी पुरणपोळी

जगात अनेक देश आहेत
अनेक जाती धर्म आहेत,
अनेक पंत आणि संस्कृती आहेत
अनेक पाककृती आणि पदार्थ आहेत
अनेक शेफ आणि आचारी आहेत
परंतु मित्रांनो ,या सर्व बाबतीत एकच गोष्ट आगळी वेगळी आहे आणि तितकीच कौतुकाची आहे,
ती अशी
जगात सर्व श्रेस्ट एकच देश आहे भारत
जगात एकच धर्म आणि संस्कृती सर्वश्रेष्ठ आहे हिंदु संस्कृती
जगात एकच पाककृती आणि पदार्थ सर्वश्रेष्ठ आहेत ते म्हणजे मराठी पाककृती
आणि त्या मराठी पाककृती ची महाराणी आहे आमची लीलाताई शिरगावकर
आणि शेवटी जगात एकच पदार्थ सर्वश्रेष्ठ आहे आमच्या लिलताईंच्या प्रेमळ स्वभाव आणि जीव ओतून आत्मीयतेने बनवलेली लय भारी मराठमोळी पुरणपोळी जी आज जग प्रसिद्ध आहे ,जगाच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात वसलेल्या मराठी माणसा पर्यंत पोहचलेली शिरगावकरांची पुरणपोळी प्रत्त्येक माणसाने एकदा चाखायला हवीच,लीलाताई तुमच्या या उद्योग व्यवसायाला आमच्या खूप खूप हार्दिक अनिरुद्ध शुभेच्छा

किशोर मोरे

Govind Uncle & Leela Aunty Ki Puranpoli

Since childhood we’ve been hogging up the Ohh-so-scrumptious PURANPOLI’S from uncle and aunty. We call it GOVIND UNCLE AUR LEELA AUNTY KI PURANPOLI. I have also had uncle and aunty make BIRYANI twice for my birthday lunch at work. My colleagues simply loved every bit of it. There’s one thing that I can vouch for is the HYGIENE that they follow. I happen stay in the same lane and have often visited them while they’ve been busy making the POLIS. Their PURANPOLI’S are to-die-for. I never eat it from else where. We being Marwadi’s don’t have the concept of making one at home so whenever we crave, all we’ve got to do is tell uncle or simply call up Pranay.
Undoubtedly the bestest and delicious.

Swati Joshi

“The Best Puranpoli Ever.”The most

“The Best Puranpoli Ever.”
The most amazing puranpoli ever! I highly recommend buy puranpoli from here. The best puranpolo ever.

Ashish Ravindra Mahajan

Mouthwatering Puranpoli…

The taste of Shirgaonkar Puranpoli is priceless… and once you try it never forget in your life… Please my request to try it…

Krutika Patil

Task HARD taste HARD

No words to explain u😋😋😋shirgaonkar puranpoli same teste last 20 yrs …,day night struggle for holi occasion…..,hats off the family 🙏🙏

Mayuri Dalvi